Business Process Management (BPM)

Bridging the Gap Between IT and Business

As the critical link between IT and business, an effective Business Process Management strategy optimizes the key components of any successful enterprise:

  • Process engine - the IT brain power used for modeling and executing process-based applications
  • Business analytics - for identification of business issues, trends and opportunities with reports and dashboards for real time response
  • Content management - for secure storage of content for electronic documents, images, forms and data
  • Collaboration tools - 24/7 mobile connectivity through discussion forums, dynamic workspaces and message boards

At OTSI, we offer the latest in BPM technology. No matter how big or small your needs may be, we have the solutions and methodologies to minimize your costs and maximize your returns.


  • Business works
  • Managed file transfer
  • Mainframe integration
  • SOA
  • Active matrix BPM


  • Business process analysis
  • Business rules management
  • Business process management
  • Application integration
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