Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

What is Your Information Strategy?

Leveraging your information across the enterprise with the appropriate technologies and processes, enables you to maximize efficiencies and worker productivity.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) combines business strategy, practices and technologies to effectively manage disparate data and drive performance. This underlying foundation is required to become a high performance organization comprised of people that are connected to common metrics, goals and strategies.

From content creation, to access, management, cleansing, archival, integration and governance - strategy to delivery, OTSI's comprehensive Enterprise Information Management (EIM) program provides flexible support and master data management strategy, enabling companies to unify and distribute master data that is trustworthy.

No matter what MDM or related architecture a company utilizes, OTSI provides all the tools needed to effectively manage master data from end to end, with specific outcomes:

  • Real-time profiling capabilities
  • Information integrity, reports and audit trails
  • Business Intelligence & performance management
  • Information asset management
  • Enterprise content management
  • Metadata management
  • Enterprise search and discovery
  • Information strategy, architecture and governance
  • Data quality management


  • Strategic Consulting
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Data Assessment/Profiling
  • MDM - Data Governance
    • Data Federation
    • Data propagation
    • Data consolidation
  • Data Migrations
  • Data Integration
    • Data cleansing, data cleaning or data scrubbing
    • Data quality
    • Data profiling and statistics
    • Data linkage (from different sources, web pages etc.)
    • Data governance -- business rules - constraints
    • Data normalization
  • Data Retirement
  • Adaptive
    • Business Glossary Manager
    • Metadata Manager
    • Enterprise Architecture Manager
    • IT Portfolio Manager
  • ASG Software Solutions
    • ASG-Rochade Server
    • ASG-metaGlossary
  • Collibra
    • Business Semantics Glossary
    • Reference Data Accelerator
    • Data Stewardship Manager
  • Global IDs
    • Metadata Governance Suite
    • Master Data Governance Suite
    • Enterprise Data Governance
    • Suite
    • Big Data Governance Suite
    • Enterprise Information
    • Management Suite
    • LEI Integration Suite
  • IBM
    • InfoSphere Information Server
    • InfoSphere MDM
    • InfoSphere Optim
    • InfoSphere Guardium
    • IBM OpenPages
  • Informatica
    • Data Masking
    • Data Archive
    • Data Quality
    • MDM
    • Metadata Manager
    • Business Glossary
  • Information Builders
    • iWay Data Quality Suite
    • iWay Master Data Suite
    • iWay Data Steward Portal
    • iWay Data Pro ler
  • SAP
    • SAP Data Services Enterprise includes the following:
    • SAP Information Lifecycle Management includes the following capabilities:
    • SAP Master Data Governance
    • SAP Access Control
  • SAS Institute
    • SAS Master Data Management
    • Advanced
    • SAS Data Management
    • Advanced
    • SAS Data Quality Advanced
    • SAS Data Governance
  • Trillium Software
    • The Trillium Software System
    • The Trillium Software Series
    • Trillium Software Director
    • Trillium Software On-Demand
    • Trillium Claims Data Quality
    • Trillium CCAR
The Client
The client is a global asset manager with $5 billion under management across 15 countries. The company has been a OTSI client since 2008 when the OTSI was selected to feed data to its in-house platform. The relationship with OTSI was very successful and data volumes grew continually.

The Challenge
By 2010, rapid expansion of the client's international business created a need for consolidation of data feeds. Data requirements were becoming more complex as a result of increasingly sophisticated investment techniques and complex reporting requirements. It was decided to consolidate index data and benchmark acquisition under a single provider to streamline and simplify data management. Data requirements were becoming more specific and in-house development could not keep up. The client also wanted to mitigate the operational risk of running disparate systems across different geographies.

The Solution
After a detailed analysis of business requirements it was decided to standardize on OTSI globally. Using a specialist, managed service for index data and benchmarks relieves the administrative burden of dealing with multiple index vendors, particularly to resolve data queries. Now the client can direct all data questions towards OTSI, leaving more time to focus on its core business.

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