Financial Services & Banking

Managing Risk and Optimizing Investments

Constant fluctuations in the Banking and Financial Services (BFS) industry require that financial institutions around the world utilize the latest advancements in technology to secure a competitive edge.

Understanding how risk management has evolved in the Financial Services industry, with cyber security, data privacy, and business continuity demands, OSTI offers technology tools designed specifically for these challenges. As product offerings and business models become more standardized, with regulatory controls continuing to be at the forefront of executive concerns, you need a trusted partner with the know-how and foresight to mitigate risks and optimize your IT investments.

At OTSI, we provide front, middle and back office solutions in tighter timeframes and with superior technical delivery, to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage for our banking and finance customers.

Specifically, we help:

  • Manage increasingly complex business processes more efficiently and more cost-effectively
  • Improve risk management and comply with regulatory changes (Basel II, SOX, and AML) while achieving cost control
  • Enhance the range of products and services delivered to customers while improving customer service levels
  • Manage transformational challenges associated with consolidation


  • Consumer lending
  • Cards and payments
  • Retail banking
  • Wholesale banking
  • Risk management
  • Investment management
  • Investment banking and Brokerage
  • Corporate services
  • Security services
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