Insurance Modernization

Rapid industry advancements are making it difficult for insurance companies to keep abreast of new technology.

With major security breaches facing the insurance industry already this year, cyberattacks will be one of the biggest challenges facing insurers in 2015. The trend to cloud computing will grow exponentially, ensuring that a balance of risk with economics and technical benefits, will be at the forefront of these strategic drivers.

Additionally, improvements in analytics, operational transformation, and modernization will impact all aspects of the business model and operations, creating its own set of challenges and opportunities.

A recent survey at the AAMGA Automation Conference concluded the top 5 critical drivers for business and IT: Getting IT and Business Operations on the same page, Automation “silos”, Integration, Standardization of Data, and Scaling Automation.

OTSI has a solid track record of success with some of the largest insurance carriers on the Globe. From process automation, resource allocation, to consulting and support services, we tackle the tough issues of cyber security, internal and external collaboration, human error and workflow automation, social and mobile demands, and data integration.

The industry in undergoing remarkable change and competitive pressure. Let OTSI help you turn these challenges into opportunities and strategies for operational growth and market share gains.


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