Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality Assurance is now Quality "Business" Assurance

The integration of IT across the business infrastructure has raised the bar on the value of QA, as its impact on the bottom line has become clear and measurable.

In the current day context, the demands on Quality have extended beyond conventional means to providing strategic transformational Business Assurance Services. Innovation plays a key role in achieving this through future ready IP based Solutions. OTSI's QA Practice is well equipped to adapt to these market dynamics to provide viable, low cost, high quality services.

Dynamic market trends and the ever-changing technology landscape, along with the emergence of disruptive technologies such as Cloud, Mobility, Social Media, Big Data & Analytics etc. have made a profound impact, which has forcibly necessitated a change in the approach, methodology, and service delivery of Quality "Business" Assurance.

Companies around the world, of every size and at every stage, turn to OTSI to innovate their QA processes and enhance performance, all while reducing costs. We partner with our customers at various levels of engagement, for unique needs, specific outcomes, and strategic competitive advantages. By utilizing consistent, efficient and cost effective methodologies throughout the project's life-cycle, we mitigate inconsistencies and insure that your product reaches perfection.

  • Transparency, risk sharing, dynamic agility
  • Full suite of services - E2E, standalone, shared
  • Accelerated testing cycles reduce time-to-market
  • Responsive resource management
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Focus on elevation of testing services maturity
  • Elastic and on-demand service delivery
  • Quality guarantees


Testing Services

Lifecycle Services IndustrializedSpecializedCollaborative
  • Functional - SIT, UAT, Regression
  • Non-functional - Performance, Compatibility, Security, Usability
  • Test automation - Licensed & Open source
  • Test Maturity, Consulting
  • Test Automation Factory
  • Lifecycle Acceleration
  • Alliance and Partnerships GTM strategies

ERP, CRM, BPM & packaged applications

  • BI/DW, Migration
  • Mobility, Microsoft solutions
  • Government Business
  • Analytics, Big Data
  • TaaS, SaaS
  • Shared Services
  • Allied Test Services
  • System Integrations, ALM
  • Data, Environment management

Platform & Infrastructure Tools

  • Infrastructure management
  • Tool identification & configuration
  • Tool optimization
  • Operational support


  • Test strategy & implementation
  • Project & release management
  • QA audits
  • Educational / training services
  • Compliance & artifacts
  • ERP (SAP)
  • CRM, BPM
  • BI/DW, Migration
  • Database
  • Mobility
  • Shared Services


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