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Mining the Value of Social Collaboration

Empowering every person, every team and every organization to do more, and achieve more.

In today's demanding corporate culture, organizations are struggling to keep up with market trends, reporting, and predictable outcomes. Social collaboration tools designed to boost employee engagement, streamline decision making processes, and provide relevant data, will continue to level the playing field for organizations that are serious about their collaboration strategy, and separate industry leaders from the rest of the pack.

In the immediate future, over 3 billion people will have internet connected devices. With this explosion of data growth and access, predictable content, and the display of that content, through mobile and social channels, will continue to be at the forefront of consumer demand. At OTSI we help our customers take advantage of the solutions that bring productive and engaging social collaboration to the enterprise.

We recognize that the new social collaboration world is not defined by user device or methodology, but by the user experience...


  • Need analysis for portal (Intranet, Extranet, Website)
  • Blueprint definition and phased rollout plan
  • Adoption
  • Governance planning


  • Intranets & Extranets
  • Process automation
  • ERP Integration
  • Mobile extension
  • Business critical application development
  • Project Central - Sharepoint
  • Intranet Kits - SharePoint
  • Proposal Workspace - SharePoint
  • eDash - Dashboard Portal for Executives - SharePoint
  • Client information system (Extranet)

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