Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Synchronization for Success

Developing quality applications faster is critical to maintaining a competitive edge in an ever-changing development environment.

Does your company's approach to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) adapt to your team's needs? Is your software development keeping pace with your business objectives? 

By understanding the critical phases of what, how, build, test, and deployment during the development process, goals and objectives are synchronized with each phase in the Application Lifecycle Management.

You can now manage your work visually where changes made empower your team members with views of work items, and back log management and sprints, through full visibility and a gallery of graphics, charts and queries.

  • Real time collaboration
  • Centralized data repositories
  • Mobile & web integration
  • Project monitoring & reporting
  • Cross tool and cross project visibility
  • Continuous integration
  • 24/7 help desk & support
  • Best-of-breed tools & techniques

Regardless of your size or where you fall on the ALM spectrum, OTSI can help you optimize systems already in place, fill in the gaps between a variety of software tools, or conduct a complete system overhaul, empowering your team to integrate, coordinate and manage, from development to deployment.

  • Technical & business project management
  • Requirements management
  • Design & development
  • Support & maintenance
  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Quality Assurance & testing
  • Legacy transformations
    • application re-engineering
    • application modernization
    • migration and conversions
    • application consolidation
  • Software product development
    • development lifecycle
    • release management
    • upgrade and maintenance
  • ADM
    • application development
    • application architecture
    • service oriented architecture
    • service level maintenance
  • Database consulting
    • modeling & architecture
    • administration
    • performance optimization
    • conversion & migration
  • Mainframe/midrange
  • J2EE/Middleware
  • Microsoft
  • Unix/C++
  • ERP/Packaged Apps
  • IBM
  • Mobility / Analytics / Big Data
  • Open Source

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