Cyber Security

Information Security is not optional.

Outpacing cyber-crime requires the use of best-in-class analytics for the fastest response times to infiltration and potential threats.

In a 2014 survey, up to three fourths of organizations had been breached by cyber attacks, one fourth showed activities consistent with Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actors, and nearly half experienced active command and control communication breaches, with continuing attacks as much as once per week after the initial breach.

As data volume increases at exponential rates, so does cyber-crime. The explosive growth of open systems around the world has compromised the security of massive amounts of data, leaving your business vulnerable to potentially catastrophic data breaches involving communication security, information security and network security.

To outpace cyber-crime and thwart attacks, OTSI offers end-to-end, best-practice Cyber Security solutions, from development of a security policy to comprehensive protection of IT infrastructure, applications, data, operating systems and networks.

  • Information assurance
  • Vulnerability and threat analysis
  • Security engineering (architecture)
  • Cyber Security standards & policy
  • Incident response and remediation
  • Dashboards/analytics/metrics

We offer expert consultation, solutions and services at various levels of engagement and through multiple delivery models to secure your information, and your success.

  • Assessments
    • Risk identification
    • Vulnerability / gap identification & analysis
    • Governance
    • Risk management
    • Compliance
  • Implementations
    • Security architecture design and implementation
    • Secure configuration
    • Security component deployment and management
    • Incident response management and reporting
    • Security policy, process
    • Procedure development and management
  • Training
  • Dashboards/analytics/metrics
  • CyberSOC ops
  • Malware analysis
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